The Manipal Public School (MPS) shall promote student learning and all round development in order to make children better citizens of tomorrow.


The Mission of MPS is to provide a nurturing environment in which our children are allowed to develop their innate abilities and strive for excellence in all spheres of learning. We strive to teach our children to overcome their weaknesses in order to contribute meaningfully as citizens of India and the world.

The objectives of MPS are to :
Provide a clean, safe, stimulating and purposeful ambience which encourages children
  to be socially committed and academically sound individuals.
To help children become tolerant and appreciative of all religions.
To make children become appreciate the importance of values in everyday life.
To make children believe that it is more important to participate than to win.
To encourage children to be inquisitive in their quest for knowledge.
To make children aware of the importance of teamwork and sharing.
To enforce discipline not as an end in itself but as means to achieve excellence in
  academics and cocurricular activities.
To teach students how to apply their knowledge practically.
To make children environmentally sensitive in order to preserve and protect it for
  future generations.
To involve parents at every stage of schooling so that they become active partners in a
  child’s development.
Our Commitment

With the increasing levels of competition in all spheres of life, quality education has become crucial. Every parent aims to give the best to his ward and is willing to put up with enormous sacrifices to ensure this. As a leader in the field of private education, we realize this responsibility and we will help realize this dream of every parent.