From the Principal's Desk

In my opinion, there is a dire need to prepare students to communicate across cultures, across borders, across perspectives. As the world evolves towards greater interconnectedness, it is our students to whom we entrust the responsibility of building a better global society. Hence, they need to be given the chance to create with technology not just learn to use it. They should be allowed to lead the learning as self- learning guarantees life-long learning. We, the educators must not forget that we need to facilitate learning by creating an inquiry – based, healthy and active environment. Besides this, a great way to develop critical thinking skills is to engage in conversations with other students – either in the classroom or common areas of your student accommodation. Creativity is the freest form of self- expression.

There is nothing more satisfying and fulfilling for children than to be able to express themselves openly and without judgement. Allowing children to explore their own interests and ideas is a great way to encourage their creativity.

All the Best !...

Mrs. Smita Singh